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Content marketing isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some of you may even be saying 'huh? content marketing?' right now.


The thing is? Content marketing is usually a pretty important cog in your marketing strategy wheel.

Because it's a fab way to connect with your audience - speaking WITH them (rather than AT them) and adding value so much so your audience becomes your living breathing fabulously-spending customers.


Zo Connected can help you create a content marketing strategy that gets your business heard in the sometimes very noisy online world. 

And, give you the tools to do it (so, you never have to worry about doing things like writing a blog post ever again! Woohoo!)


Oh and also so, you can sit back and get on with running your business (or finally take 5 and finish that always-half-drunk cuppa - y'know the important bits).

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Hi! I'm Zoe and I'm passionate about helping small businesses with their content marketing. 


I work closely with you to make them feel at ease with their content marketing strategy- and I cover all the nitty-gritty bits like poppin' copywriting & SEO best practice (y'know - getting Google to like your website through the content you put on there).


Read more about my marketing experience & capabilities (& some very important details - like how I take my cuppa).

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