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Fueled by marketing gems, beautiful copywriting, strong cups of tea, salted popcorn, SEO that works, dogs, smiling strangers, foreign languages, travelling to places less known & the odd glass of Rioja.



Hi! I'm Zoe - I'm a freelance marketer who helps small businesses get heard online.


Here's a little bit about me & how I can help you, small business owner...


I love digital marketing

Okay then, but why?


For me, it's the perfect merge of the creative and logical sides of our brain.


I'm a creative at heart (ahem - got an A* in Art GCSE, thank you very much.)


But I always feel that as a successful creative you have to have logic too - the strategy to make creativity work for you.


Without a strategy, you may as well be painting a picture or writing a book for fun.


And well, apart from those few very very good authors, painters and other artists not many of us serve a purpose in the world doing this.


This is why I find marketing wonderful. Creativity merges with logic and strategy to create something amazing: results for your small business.



how can I help you?

I'm a natural marketer who creates digital content to make your business get heard online.

I help you create a voice for your brand.

I help you make your voice get heard in a very noisy online world.

I help you feel supported and comfortable with your marketing strategy.

I help you get marketing tasks done (rather than thinking, "maybe next week I'll get chance").

so, why work with me?

I'm not an agency

And this can be a good thing.


I'm just a one-woman-band so my rates are a lot more suitable for small businesses and start-ups.

Also, you get to know me & my work - and I get to know you & your business.


These can be some of the best working relationships in marketing.

I listen & I think

By this I mean I do not have a one-solution-fits-all for my clients.


Your business is individual and always treated as so.

I take the time to listen to you & learn from you.


And then I really think what will be best for you & your business.

I'm always growing

As a freelancer, I can't afford to stop learning.

But not only that - I love learning.


It feeds my mind and grows my skills.


And with my growing skills, the more I can help you & your business.

I don't use jargon

I don't believe in smoke & mirrors in the world of digital marketing.


Yes, SEO can seem complicated and what is an 'algorithm' anyway?


I take the time to explain what you need to know.

Because digital marketing doesn't have to be over-complicated.

I'm approachable

Personable, enthusiastic, a team-player?


All words you might see on someone's CV.


But basically I am friendly and I believe in an open & honest relationship with my clients.


Because it's not only productive but it's nice to be nice.

I'm flexible

My support is completely suited to your needs.


It's tailored to you, your business & of course your budget.


Whether it's a one-off job you need or a regular monthly agreement, I can adapt.


Get in touch to find out more - I'll always give you a no-obligation quote.

let's talk

Or even better, let's talk over a cup of tea (I do make a crackin' cuppa).


I'd love to get to know you and your business so get in touch if you think we could work together.

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